Inside work

Feb. 27, 2013

At certain moments, very often before deadlines, work is talking over control of life. Or at least it tries to. This means, work (as the bad big monster) with all its chaos, logistics, emergencies is controlling the well prepared master plan and the little of daily life that remains. What I do then is to plan more to take back control. Sometimes it is not possible, so there is no other way than to let it flow and to trust. To trust the team members and the world. This is not spiritual, this is progressive. I like that flow and I think it is related to the completed pre-phase of planning, the right amount of distribution of responsibility, of know-how and experience and of course to the skills to improvise and be spontaneous. Can you plan spontaneousity? To come back to the main topic: the web platform IMAGINARY (this one) is almost ready, there are still some bugs and there is a long list of future ideas and a whole ROADMAP. But it is ready to go online and to let the world be part (and take over?). Besides spontaneousity, I think the other non-standard concept is “not-perfectness” (imperfection). I would call it a tool to show humanity and to motivate everybody to be part. So, we are imaginary and imperfect (but with a big love for the detail) – a good combination.