Art and Mathematics

As an artist I am interested in mathematics from the standpoint of geometry, that is visualized as 2 D artwork, and then also geometry seen as 3D objects.

I have been working with this focus for over a dozen years, and you can check out my web site for further information, here is a link: www. singerarts.com

Made To Measure

I write a blog called The Visual  Artworker.  My recent blog post is called “Made to Measure” all about mathematics and art and how they can blend using a program like Cinderella.

I have produced hundreds of intertesting images in this program.  Take a look at my blog here is a link: 

thevisualartworker. blogspot.com/

IMAGINARY en France: Réunion de lancement & atéliers

Nous vous invitons à faire partie de la nouvelle équipe IMAGINARY en France, une plate-forme open-source de communication interactive et participative des mathématiques - une initiative du Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.