Helena Kauppila

I am an artist heavily influence by mathematics and science.  When I started college, I wanted to become a physicist, but, mesmorized by the philosophy of it, ended up switching to mathematics and obtaining my PhD in probability theory.  Along the way, however, it became increasingly difficult to adequatly convey to my friends and family why I had chosen to become a pure mathematician.  In an attempt to explain the quest and the creativity, I decided to learn how to paint.  Now I mainly paint; I guess way leads onto way.  It makes me very happy when a good opportunity to combine art and science/math comes up.  Science Friday did a video interview of one such project (and the interview shows some clips of me painting so is a much better description of my process than words): http://www. sciencefriday.com/videos/sciarts-exoplanet-art-2/

I look forward to making more math/science/art connections!

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Helena Kauppila
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