Jean Constant

Media Technology consultant. NNMC, past professor of Visual Communication. Author and lecturer on visualization and the electronic environment.

Latest Blog Entries

4 Nov. 2016

Advances in research, life sciences, digital data, perception - scientific studies and art - All trying to understand how the brain works. Quite a program!


Bridges 2014
4 Jun. 2014

Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture. Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul. Korea. Short lecture and exhibit on random processes and visual perception: http://www.

D-ART 2014
4 Jun. 2014

Information Visualisation Society Conference - Universite Paris Descartes in Paris, July 2014; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, August 2014. http://www. graphicslink.

Currents 2014
4 Jun. 2014

Bringing together the work of established and and emerging New Media artists, from New Mexico, the US and the world:  Events will showcasing interactive and fine art video installations, multimedia performances and web based art forms. I’ll be presenting a series on the Riemann connundrum: http://www.

14 Feb. 2013

“NanoArt is a discipline at the intersection of art-science-technology . It features nanolandscapes, molecular and atomic landscapes which are natural structures of matter at molecular and atomic scales, and nanosculptures structures created by scientists and artists by manipulating matter at molecular and atomic scales using chemical and physical processes. 

These structures are visualized with powerful research tools like scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes and their scientific images are captured and further processed by using different artistic techniques to convert them into artworks showcased for large audiences.” (Cris Orfescu)

35 artists, 113 pictures are featured in the fith edition of NanoArt21.

Jean Constant’ s selection is available at the following page