INOMA (Innovation on Mathematics)

9 nov. 2017

The address of myblog is  :www.

It contains all activity which mostly collections of creativity, innovation in mathematics. There are 3 parts activities :

1. BATIMA (Batik Inovasi Matematika) producing batik (local heitage textile motifs where its motifs are developed partly using Surfer (algebraic surfaces) and using parametric curves. The results have been as 1 of innovation in BIC (Business Innovation Center) among 108 innovators in Indonesia.

2. ODEMA  (Ornament Decorative Mathematics)

Some motifs above can be created into objects, printed into souvenirs, glassess , tshirts, accesories to popularize mathematics in fanshy way for the youth and ordinary people who do not know or even dislike/hate mathematics .

The blog www. consists also other scientific works including attended conferences, news in local area, and results books