Glasgow Science Festival

16 juin. 2015

It’s been a while since I have actively been involved in an IMAGINARY exhibition day. Yesterday, thanks to Dr. Christian Voigt, a lecturer at Glasgow University, we had the chance to bring a small IMAGINARY exhibition to Glasgow. This was also the first time that IMAGINARY was shown in Scotland. The Glasgow science festival was launched in 2007 and has since grown to one of the biggest science festivals in the UK. The festival runs over 2 weeks with various STEM related events all over the city. It is a chance for Glasgow researchers to showcase their research and engage in with the general public. Here is some more information regarding the science festival.

The plan for the IMAGINARY station was a setup of three tables with two desktop computers and a touchscreen station with SURFER. Luckily we managed to get some funding from the Glasgow mathematical journal trust which enabled us to buy a touchscreen and computer. This will hopefully be put to good use at future events for mathematics related exhibits and outreach projects in Scotland. 

The sciencefestival in general (at least on the final Sunday) was a great success from what I saw. There were lots of very interesting stands on a wide variety of science projects (you could extract DNA from strawberries, or build your own DNA from sweets). We also had great feedback on our IMAGINARY exhibition, with people generally plesantly surprised that mathematics could be so much fun and interactive. 

Have a look for yourself and get some impressions of the festival. 



Also watch out for the official media coverage of the festival by the voluntary run organisation They did a lot of filming at different festival sites and interviews with participants including myself and Christian. The material will become available online some time in the near future.