Marvin Bratke

Marvin Bratke is German architect and designer, currently based in Berlin. He has received his diploma in architecture top of the semester at Technical University of Munich in June 2011. His ongoing research and design ambitions are focused on emergent technologies in architecture and industrial design, the digital methodology relating both professions and their application in performance-orientated, mobile and ecological building systems. Currently Marvin is collaborating as Design Lead with GRAFT architects, an international architectural practice based in Los Angeles, Berlin and Bejing. Following ten years of collaborative experience in academic, research and professional projects he co-founded BART//BRATKE in 2014.

Marvins work focuses on projects of various scales and sectors in Germany, Saudi Arabia, China and the Netherlands focusing on cultural, transportation and office projects as well as advanced facade design, digital fabrication techniques and developing in-house parametric digital tools that assist in generative design . His creations and ideas are greatly influenced by cultural, biological and technological environment with social aspects of 21st century context. His award winning work has been widely published in several journals and exhibited,  e. g. at the IAA Frankfurt, at Bauhaus Luftfahrt and Munich Design Week. Previously he has been working as Design Architect at LAVA, Senior Designer at MLAUS (Mediterranean Laboratory for Architecture and Urban Strategies), Urban Researcher/Transportation Designer at GIST (German Institute for Science and Technology) and is doing freelance work for KERE Architecture.

Recent activities

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Marvin Bratke