Andreas Daniel Matt

My main interests are related to visual and interactive mathematics, media and humans in general. I love motivating people and developing tools rather than final items. I was lucky to be attached with the IMAGINARY project from the very beginning and I keep enjoying its diversity and challenges.

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La lucha individual
Aug. 27, 2012

A Pakistani philosopher I highly respect once wrote that one thing definitely makes sense in life (among probably many others): to have an idea, motivate a team to work on that idea and to implement it into a world-leading venture. The vision is “world-leading”, i. e. number one! It sounds a bit like Mr. Brain who wants to conquer the universe. Yes, we want to conquer it all. The team should be big and include you, too. The motivation is extremely high (in phases). Just sometimes it is a “lucha individual” between me and my computer. The team is virtual, the computer distracts.

Bringing things alive
Jul. 15, 2012

The definition of a “living project” compared to a project (dead, normal, anything) is lacking. Is it alive if people think of it? Or perceive it through their sense. Is it alive if it has a nice website or a concept written on a paper. This platform is already alive - even without the online platform - just by the sheer fact that its contents are used in many countries at many - often simultanous - times. The lifespan is not clear. Sometimes I even catch myself while thinking: imagine that once the platform is online, nobody wants the contents anymore. A bit like a birthday gift, that once you have it you are not longing for it anymore. Anyway the plan is now to get online. And this soon! Is there something after “life”? We will see, once we are on!

The Strategy of a Platform: Partner
May. 26, 2012

If you plan a platform (still that nasty word) you better take care of all stakeholders in the same field or multipliers. Taking care means to inform them, motivate them, take them on board and make use of their input, experience and wisdom. Now, how to be neutral? (elsewise the stakeholders, steakholders would work against you). By theory best is to develop that baby all together, so everybody identifies. But: if everybody cooks, the soup would be salty (how was that proverb?). So, the strategy would be: discuss the inredients, be hungry and eat between all partners (and put their name on the menu) but cook between a few.

Philosophical Ponderings about a Platform
Apr. 28, 2012

Why do people tend to unify things and offer platforms to share? Do they prevent you from drowning or falling? Or do they provide steps to jump higher? I somehow do not like this word. Hub is nicer but sounds more technical, meeting point is good too but maybe too human related. I have the feeling that this project is just too nice, to start developping it on full priority. A bit like a birthday gift you want to keep before you open it. But ok, let’s start to open it! Now!


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