arakere n.rao rangesa

We manage non profit organization with a focus on to create interst and appreciation of Mathematics and Science in school tecahers and students . planning to Use  some of  teh information as part of our tecaher enrichment program.

Tentaive table of contents is below.


  • 1.Introduction
    3.What is Mathematics
    4.Great moments in the History of Mathematics
    5.Image of Mathematics
    6.The nature of Mathematics
    7.What is Mathematical thinking
    8.What is Mathematics Literacy
    9.The Language of Mathematics 
    10. Mathematical Vocabulary
    11.Importance of Mathematics
    12.Real life Examples
    13. Math, Maths is fun ,ideas and puzzles
    14.Modern Mathematics and Careers.
  •  please let me know how my organisation can work with you to promote and cultivate maths in underserved children in Rural India.


arakere n.rao rangesa