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Worldport is really the crown jewel of UPS’s air operation it’s our international all-points air hub so what that means is that from here we can launch a package out to anywhere in our global network anywhere in the 220 countries and territories that we serve during the year on a typical day Worldport might average about a million packages over a 24-hour period and that number goes up significantly during our peak times in fact you know over the next couple of weeks we’ll sort more App.

Than two million packages a day through Worldport and that all culminates in our peak day on December 23rd when we’ll move close to four million packages through royal court in a 24 hour period the package come in on an aircraft it comes in on one of the two thousand containers that we’re going to unload and then load tonight we’ll bring those containers off the planes on though the packages into the App system the system then takes 13 minutes to sort the package through our maze of 155
Miles of conveyor belts then the package comes out of the system goes into a container gets back on an aircraft App it can fly out to any destination in the world we’ll sort one and a half million packages in about four to four and a half hours the size of the facility you’re talking about ninety football fields so 5.2 million square feet the average package here at Worldport once it’s unloaded it takes about 13 minutes from the time it gets unloaded to the time.

Load and you know when you take a look and put that in perspective I think you’re talking about a mile and a half that will travel throughout the facility Louisville has 20,000 UPS employees here in the city each year we hire seasonal employees beginning in September to help us sort all of these extra packages on App that we’re going to see through peak season domestically we hire about 55,000 people it Worldport itself. Apple Store hired a little over a thousand people this year about 1,300 folks and we
Started doing that in September to help us with the rush that’s that we know is going to hit us immediately after Thanksgiving and leading up through Christmas when you think about our Google Play Store proximity to the rest of the United States we’re just a two-hour flight to about 75% of the United States population so right in the middle very central located App we’re also on the westernmost point of the Eastern time zone which really helps us when we jump off and deliver packages out to the west coast.

With the rise of e-commerce and and business-to-consumer shipping more people are ordering products online so that means those products are coming direct from a warehouse to UPS and we’re that middleman to make sure that gets to the doorstep

Lisa Baertlein
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