Norman Friedenberger

I have finished my studies in Computer Science in 1994 and wrote my final thesis at Airbus Group Hamburg where I’ve developed a virtual flight deck test environment for an A340 flight simulator. One year later I have joined the digital industry and have been working there ever since for various creative agencies, consumer electronic giants, media corporations and research labs world wide, either heading corporate startups or running digital business divisions.

My main area of expertise lies in the field of Business Development for digital products and services across the plate, productization of research work as well as strategic partnerships & innovation in both a technological and creative driven environment.  

I have completed an extensive training in classical piano and music theory at the age of 14 which became the foundation for my later interest in sound design, interactive music systems and sonification. In the past decade I have worked on various critical audio concept works, game soundtracks and collaborated with artists like electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.

Norman Friedenberger
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