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I am and always was a person nuy sensitive to various forms of art and my interest and ambition is and was the achievement and the union of purity with the beauty a valid way to get to the truth .
From my point of view harmony rhythm variety, full grandeur were matters that should necessarily be in an artistic expression a bit confused with the current contemporary art where concepts and truth standards as liquids are left to be objective for artists.
My intuition and my technical and scientific training led me to the study of geometry and classical and sacred mathematics to find these concepts standards and indisputable truths .
For this very ambitious path is drawn to the beauty and purity really felt as experience using the exact language and mathematics undisputed geometry and artistic contemplancion.
The platonic solids , ideas and representation of Kepler , the concepts and ideas of Fray Luca Pacioli in the ancient discipline Transparent Corporation , the number aureus were instructions given to the great artists of the Renaissance and have roots in much ancient knowledge in different cultures and countries.
These notions Geometricas and math lend wonderfully compliant with treatment by modern information technology and feel that could make advances in theory and practice.
The modern expression through the software and hardware 2 and 3D are the ideal way to advance the way we conceded the old and due study and master but constantly evolving so I need a collective effort to realize it fully.
In my work I try to make each image is complete for that conjoin all the elements of harmony proportion rhythm light shimmer color range and this should be enough to expose one and only in an exhibition in a large size 3 times that of a normal person or very small as postmarked by the world spinning .
My hope is that sharing my work captivates a group of people around the world who contribute their time and expertise online development of these polyhedra and exact knowledge in all areas of human endeavor.
The ofview are wonderful polyhedra are present in all areas of science and life and enabling technology advances rapidly dominate ( 3d printing 3d software design and other emerging permanently ) and the old road geometry demands it .
Everyone is invited and their contribution will be valued


In this line of work I present these impressions 2 D that correspond to photos created in computer 3D Polyhedra taken from a perspective chosen .
The software used to: create the polyhedron , define and apply a material ( in this case was improving crystal refractive indices and reflector ) , defining the different lights illuminate with color and intesidad position and finally render it ( turn it on ) .
In summary lights colors and transparencies and reflections arise when the object is illuminated latching on being the result of the free dance of light and color to influence the crystal faces and folds .
Are all physical and chemical structural data as well as colors foci intensities positions to realize these figures if there is a competent team to perform in reality giving birth in 3d but this would be a team of specialists

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Roberto Graña