Pi-day celebration in Kigali


Pi-day celebration in Kigali
14 mar. 2018 au 14 mar. 2018
Kigali Convention and Exhibition Village (KCEV)|KN 3 Ave|Kigali|RW

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The University of Rwanda (UR) in collaboration with the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)-Kigali, the UR-Sweden Programme, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (EAIFR-ICTP) and IMAGINARY – open mathematics organizes the first celebration of the Pi-day in Rwanda on 14th March 2018.

Visit the IMAGINARY booth at the Pi-day celebration at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village in Rwanda. You will find several different digital interactives to play with as well as a selected mathematical image gallery. There will be tutors on sight to get you started and explain the mathematical background.

The Pi-day is a worldwide annual event that is celebrated on 14th of March. The common approximation of Pi (represented by the Greek letter π) is 3.14. Thus 14th (decimals) of March (3). The aim is to recognize the importance and applications of mathematics in science and technology.

About 1000 secondary school students and their teachers from Kigali city and around will participate in the pi-day celebrations together with students and lectureres from private HLIs, public institutions, UR staff, media and the general public.

Activities during the Pi-day celebration include public lectures, exhibitions, seminars, exchange between academia and industry, posters presentations, a competition for secondary school students as well as a competition for the general public.


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