IMAGINARY at Wesley Girls High School in Taiwan


IMAGINARY at Wesley Girls High School in Taiwan
9 mar. 2018 au 10 juin. 2018
Wesley Girls High School|台北市士林區至善路二段321號|Taipei|TW

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IMAGINARY, Taiwan Mathematical Society(TMS), Wesley Girls High School, MOST

IMAGINARY! Welcome to Wesley Girls High School in Taipei.

The Mathematical Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan), abbreviated as TMS, introduced the exhibition, “Imaginary”, originated from Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach in Germany, and held two exhibitions in Taiwan. After the two successful exhibitions “Imaginary: Infinity and Beyond” at National Science and Technology Museum in Kao-hsiung (from December, 2015 to February, 2016) and at National Taiwan Science Education Museum in Taipei (from March to May, 2016), TMS designed a small-scaled exhibition going to high schools, where roughly 30 select items from Imaginary, some 3D geometry statues, and some computers and monitors with the free software SURFER which generates 3D surfaces by simple algebraic equations are presented.

Under the financial support of MOSTTMS invites students in high schools or universities to hold exhibitions in their own schools. During the period of the exhibition, students must hold a forum and a workshop for the local community. This project is still going on and has been well received. Due to the time and finance restriction, we even had to say no to certain applicants. Thus in this new term, we intend to reach the regions failing to join our project in the first year. We will also hold seminars to train teachers/students for using SURFER, and contests. Such activities can promote the connection between mathematics and design/equations and visual communications, enhance the learning of algebra, and encourage the development of information technology in education. In addition, students interested in mathematics will learn about how to share the beauty and the fun of mathematics, and adults can experience mathematics by playing SURFER. Thus a more creative environment of learning mathematics is promoted.

Now we are going to Wesley Girls High School in Taipei. 


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