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May - October:
every day 11-17:00
16. December - April:
every day 11-16:00
Closed 1.11.-15.12., 24/25/31.12 und 1.1.

Museum für Mineralien und Mathematik|Schulstraße 5|Oberwolfach|77709|DE

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MiMa is a project by the municipality of Oberwolfach, the association of the friends of minerals Oberwolfach and the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.

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The MiMa, museum for minerals and mathematics in Oberwolfach, invites you to take a look at the wonderful world of minerals and mathematics in a way you have perhaps never done before. The MiMa museum does not only host the one-of-a-kind minerals of the Black Forest region or provides insights into mathematical theories, it especially presents the connection between minerals and mathematics: interactive installations let you understand symmetry and crystallography in a playful way.

The maths section of MiMa hosts interactive exhibits of IMAGINARY as for instance SURFER, jReality, Morenaments and a special Cinderella version, as well as a picture gallery. A focus is put on symmetry and cristallography. The exhibits allow visitors to get insights into modern mathematics. Its fascinating geometrical figures and programmes explain various topics of symmetry, algebraic geometry, differential geometry and crystals.

Guided tours for schools and groups can be organized also out of opening hours. 

Adults: 5.00 EUR
Adults with “Kurkarte”: 4.50 EUR
School kids (over age 6), handicapped persons, students, social and military servants: 3.00 EUR
Groups (Adults) as of 10 persons, per person: 4.00 EUR
School Groups as of 10 persons, per person: 2.50 EUR
Family Card (no restriction on number of children): 12.00 EUR

The fee for a guided tour is 45 Euro in addition to the entry ticket. There are special tours for mineral lovers and people interested in mathematics. Please make a reservation for a guided tour in advance.




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