Eröffnung des MoMath

Eröffnung des MoMath
12 Dez. 2012

Das neue Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) öffnet in Manhattan, New York, seine Türen. „Mathematik erhellt die Muster und Strukturen, die uns umgeben. Unsere dynamischen Ausstellungsstücke regen zum Erforschen an, stimulieren die Neugier und enthüllen die Wunder der Mathematik. Das Museum wird Samstag, den 15. Dezember 2012 im Gebäude 11 East 26th Street in Manhattan feierlich eröffnet“.

IMAGINARY ist mit einem Ausstellungsstück vertreten: mit einem neuen interaktiven Morpher für reale und virtuelle algebraische Flächen, genannt FORMULA MORPH.



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7 Aug. 2019

I. AM.AI is the name of IMAGINARY’s new exhibition project aiming to communicate Artificial Intelligence, how it works, and its social impacts, to the public.

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19 Jun. 2019

IMAGINARY grew up at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO). From 2007 to 2016, we were part of the institute, and even now, we have a very strong bond. Since 2016, IMAGINARY is a non-profit organization, and the MFO is a shareholder of IMAGINARY.

We congratulate to 75 years of...Weiterlesen

16 Feb. 2019

Call for Partners and Exhibits

IMAGINARY is creating a new exhibition, which aims to bring understanding about Artificial Intelligence to the general public. We are looking for partners and collaborators with interesting projects that can be turned into exhibits and works of art.

The exhibition, supported by  the Carl Zeiss Foundation, will open

14 Feb. 2019

There are no formulas for love…

… but there is a formula that produces an algebraic surface shaped like a heart.

Check the article on IMAGINARY’s Valentine special on the New York Times!!!

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17 Dez. 2018

TROP ICSU: A Global Climate Change Education Project” aims to integrate relevant education and science communication modules in the education system to help future citizens across the globe in improving their understanding of the science of climate change and in developing necessary skills to mitigate its impact.

For this, the TROP ICSU...Weiterlesen