Matopía - eine neue Dauerausstellung in Zaragoza, Spanien

Matopía - eine neue Dauerausstellung in Zaragoza, Spanien
15 Apr. 2014

Das Zentrum für Kunst und Technik der Stadt Zaragoza, Etopía, hat am 9. April dieses Jahres die Sektion „Ciencia Remix“ eröffnet, die zwei neue Ausstellungen umfasst: Matopía und Ciencia Ciudadana (Bürgerwissenschaft).

Matopía ist eine Mathematikausstellung, die unter anderem die Exponate MarteMáticas (Mathematik in der Kunst), Suertes (Wahrscheinlichkeit) und das Programm SURFER von IMAGINARY zeigt. Junge Besucherinnen und Besucher haben außerdem Gelegenheit, an Matheworkshops teilzunehmen und mit anderen Wissenschaftsexponaten der Sektion Ciencia Ciudadana zu experimentieren.



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26 Nov. 2019

To celebrate the beauty and importance of mathematics and its essential role in everyone’s life the International Mathematical Union (IMU) has led the project to have UNESCO proclaim March 14 as the International Day of Mathematics (IDM). Today, on November 26th 2019, the 40th General Conference of UNESCO approved the Proclamation of March 14 (Pi Day) as the International Day of Mathematics.Weiterlesen

7 Aug. 2019

I. AM.AI is the name of IMAGINARY’s new exhibition project aiming to communicate Artificial Intelligence, how it works, and its social impacts, to the public.

The exhibition, supported by the...Weiterlesen

19 Jun. 2019

IMAGINARY grew up at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO). From 2007 to 2016, we were part of the institute, and even now, we have a very strong bond. Since 2016, IMAGINARY is a non-profit organization, and the MFO is a shareholder of IMAGINARY.

We congratulate to 75 years of...Weiterlesen

16 Feb. 2019

Call for Partners and Exhibits

IMAGINARY is creating a new exhibition, which aims to bring understanding about Artificial Intelligence to the general public. We are looking for partners and collaborators with interesting projects that can be turned into exhibits and works of art.

The exhibition, supported by  the Carl Zeiss Foundation, will open

14 Feb. 2019

There are no formulas for love…

… but there is a formula that produces an algebraic surface shaped like a heart.

Check the article on IMAGINARY’s Valentine special on the New York Times!!!

Visit our special Valentine...Weiterlesen