16 Okt. 2017 bis 24 Nov. 2017
Caen|Université de Caen - Normandie|Bibliothèque universitaire Sciences-STAPS, Campus 2, Côte de Nacre, Boulevard du Maréchal Juin|CAEN|14032|FR

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Alba Malaga
Samuel Lelievre
Equipe "Diffusion de la Culture Mathématique" du Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme
Emmanuelle Feaux de Lacroix
Julien Legalle
Daniele Turchetti
Daniele Turchetti

The first IMAGINARY exhibition in Normandy will take place at the Science library of the University of Caen, from October 16th to November 24th. The exhibition will display classical pictures from the IMAGINARY database as well as 3D models of surfaces produced by the team of IMAGINARY France and some original material conceived by the outreach research group of the University of Caen.

The Science Library at the University of Caen and the Laboratoire des Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme are proud to present the first IMAGINARY exhibition to take place in Normandy. Students and amateurs, curious and passersby: all are invited to explore the beauty of mathematics throughout the display of images and objects depicting some of the most beautiful objects of this fascinating discipline. The main themes explored in this exhibition are algebraic surfaces and symmetry. Moreover, there will be a section explaining the details and the multiple ramifications of the IMAGINARY project.


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