Ramanujan Math Park in India


Ramanujan Math Park in India
Von/Seit 22 Dez. 2017
Agastya Campus|Agastya Foundation Campus Rd|Avulathimmanapalle|AP|517425|IN

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Several IMAGINARY interactive touch screen stations are part of the newly opened Ramanujan Math Park in India.

The Ramanujan Math Park is located inside Agastya Campus Creativity Lab, Kuppam APat the intersection of the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, in Southern India. It is a unique outdoor and indoor mathematical experience with large scale exhibits and interactive touch screen stations. The Math Park is a project by Gyanome non-profit organisation (www. gyanome.org) in collaboration with Agastya (www. agastya.org).

Agastya Campus covers an area of 172 acres and is visited by more than 500 students per day, whose curiosity is sparked by Agastya’s hands-on teaching methods. Children are bussed in for lessons in science, math, and art, which augment the curriculum in the government schools. Agastya’s instructors have been able to improve upon their methods of educating children and to develop programs for training local teachers, as well. Camps are arranged for groups from schools in faraway cities, providing urban children with a rare opportunity to experience nature close up, in a rural environment. The campus also attracts teachers from private schools all over India, who come here to learn ways to infuse their own teaching with the Agastya spark.

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