HOLO-MATH at the Panthéon


HOLO-MATH at the Panthéon
12 Mär. 2018 bis 16 Mär. 2018

- 14h
- 14h45
- 15h15
- 16h
- 16h45
Reservation via reservations.pantheon@monuments-nationaux.fr
or on the phone:

Panthéon|Place du Panthéon|Paris|75005|FR

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This event was also supported by Motognosis (http://motognosis.com/) which provided a HoloLens.

The Centre for National Monuments organizes the “Week of Mathematics” dedicated to mathematical sciences at the Panthéon.

The project HOLO-MATH will be presented every day in 5 sessions!

The event is organized in collaboration with the “Association Science ouverte”, the “Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP)” and the support of the Fonds de dotation de l’IHP and the Région Ile-de-France. 

Sciences are everywhere in the Panthéon. The “grands mathématiciens” and “grands physiciens”, like Nicolas de Condorcet, Paul Langevin, Jean Perrin, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Pierre et Marie Curie are part of the people honoured by the Panthéon.

HOLO-MATH will be presented every day in 5 sessions! It is an international project to produce immersive live experiences in mathematical sciences using the latest mixed reality technology. Parnters are IHP, One More, Holo-Light, CRI and IMAGINARY.

It’s the first project to use state of the art technology for scientific knowledge transfer in a museum/event environment and on a large scale.

The experiences are presented in science museums/centers and at special events. They are targeted at groups of up to 10 participants led by human guides and virtual avatars. New forms of augmented visualization and interaction are core features. The audio-visual experience is of the highest quality. The first episode is focusing on the topic of “Brownian Motion”.

More info on the event (and the complete program) in French here.


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