NEF-IMAGINARY Science Roadshow


NEF-IMAGINARY Science Roadshow
21 Mar. 2018'den 26 Mar. 2018'e kadar

Name of schools and opening hours will be announced.



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A project by the Next Einstein Forum.

The NEF-IMAGINARY Science Roadshow will be held in and around Kigali during the week of the 19th of March, 2018. The roadshow will bring interactive mathematics in form of pop-up exhibitions to high schools and their students!

We invite you to come and share the wonderful world of mathematics with us!
See extraordinary images and 3D prints, talk to mathematicians, watch fascinating movies, be creative at interactive computer and hands-on stations and create your own mathematical artwork!

The roadshowl presents computers, running award-winning IMAGINARY programs, and a combination of 3D printed objects, posters and images. 

The following software will be included:

  • Surfer: experience the relation between formulas and forms, i. e. mathematics and art, in an interactive way.
  • Morenaments: paint symmetrical patterns in one of the 17 symmetry groups of the Euclidean space.
  • Mathematics of Planet Earth: understand how mathematics helps to solve challenges of our planet.
  • Match The Net: a game about 3-dimensional polytopes for a single player.
  • Math To Touch: miscellaneous mathematical apps and applets, that show the  relationship between math and different topics.
From Monday 19th till Friday 23rd of March, one school location is planned to be visited per day.


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