Imaginary in Lycée Français, Bogotá


Imaginary in Lycée Français, Bogotá
17 Eyl. 2018'den 21 Eyl. 2018'e kadar


Lycée Louis Pasteur|Lycée Français de Bogotá|Cl. 87 #7-22|Bogotá|CO


The Lycée Français in Bogotá hosted an Imaginary exhibition during the week September 17-21st 2018

Dr. Jacinto Eloy Puig Portal from Los Andes presented the work of his students Simetrias-asimetrias celebrating the 100th birthday of M. C. Escher.

Dr. Osvlado Rojas Velázquez from Universdad Antonio Nariño let the students dance like a function!

Pr. Christian Mercat from Université de Lyon directed some workshops on knotwork and presented some interactive webcams, check them out!


Of course we had some computers with visitors working with Surfer, iOrnament and other fabulous software.


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