Launch of the French 2019--2020 "Year of mathematics"


Launch of the French 2019--2020 "Year of mathematics"
2 Eki. 2019'den 2 Eki. 2019'e kadar

12:30 — 19:30

Grand salon, Université de la Sorbonne|47 rue des écoles|Paris|75005|FR


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- Laboratoire de mathématiques d'Orsay - Faculté des sciences d'Orsay - Institut Henri Poincaré

Mathematics is a science that is alive, exploding, omnipresent in society.
The French CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique),
in partnership with the French Ministry of national education and youth,
launches on 02 October 2019 the year of mathematics, in order to show
to the greater public how lively mathematics is, and to reinforce
the links between the world of research and secondary school teachers.

The opening day featured speeches and six talks, and a range of booths open to teachers and inspectors of the French national school system and to the general public.

IMAGINARY held one of the booths, located in the prestigious “Grand salon” of “La Sorbonne”, with its nice wooden floor, and richly painted and decorated wooden walls and ceiling.



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