I AM A.I. - an exhibition on artificial intelligence


I AM A.I. - an exhibition on artificial intelligence



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You can contact us at ai@imaginary.org.

We are creating a new exhibition, which aims to bring understanding about Artificial Intelligence to the general public.

Can an AI explain itself? That is a question that many researchers are asking themselves right now. We think that - at least in some cases - the answer is “Yes!”. Why not, then, contribute to the self-explaining concept by turning an exhibition that attempts to explain AI, into an exhibition that is an AI explaining itself?


The exhibition, supported by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, will open on April 2020 in Heidelberg and include demonstrations and explanations of Artificial Intelligence using interactive exhibits, artworks, videos, and workshops. It will feature both new and established research in fields like machine learning, expert systems, general artificial intelligence and more. The exhibition will visit three German cities, for three months each.

About the Carl Zeiss Foundation

The Carl Zeiss Foundation’s mission is to create an open environment for scientific breakthroughs. As a partner of excellence in science, it supports basic research as well as application-orientated research and teaching in the MINT subject areas (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technical disciplines). Founded in 1889 by the physicist and mathematician Ernst Abbe, the Carl Zeiss Foundation is the oldest private science funding institution in Germany. It is the sole owner of Carl Zeiss AG and SCHOTT AG. Its projects are financed from the dividend distributions of the two foundation companies.


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