Imaginary at Santander


Imaginary at Santander
8 Tem. 2015'den 26 Tem. 2015'e kadar

Tuesday to Friday from 18 to 21 h; Saturday from 11:30 a 21 h.

La Casa de las Bombas, Dique de Gamazo|Calle Gamazo|Santander|ES

RSME-Imaginary visits Santander (Spain) in cooperation with the International University Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP).
The place of the exhibition is “La Casa de las Bombas, del Dique de Gamazo”, in front of the Palacio de Festivales and the Escuela de Náutica (close to Puerto Chico).

July 8th to 26th

Exhibition: Sala de Máquinas del dique de Gamazo

IMAGINARY. A mathematical view”

In cooperation with the Real Sociedad Matemática Española and the Autoridad Portuaria of Santander.

This exhibition shows the relationship between mathematics and arts. Art is the combination of shapes, whereas mathematics and technology provides the means to represent them. The purpose is to show visualizations, interactive materials, virtual realities and 3D object, with their theoretical background in algebraic geometry and singularity theory.

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Opening hours: tuesday to friday from 18 to 21 h; saturday from 11.30 to 21 h.


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