2nd Mathematics of Planet Earth Exhibition, London


2nd Mathematics of Planet Earth Exhibition, London
21 Oct. 2017 hasta 29 Oct. 2017


The exhibition will take place at the main entrance of Imperial’s South Kensington Campus|Imperial College London|South Kensington Campus|www.imperial.ac.uk/visit/campuses/south-kensington||Imperial College London|South Kensington Campus|Exhibition Road|London|SW7 2AZ|GB

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This exhibition is organised by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in the Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE). The Centre was jointly created by Imperial College London and the University of Reading to bring together world class academics, external partners and representatives from key commercial sectors.
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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the Mathematics of Planet Earth

Our planet is a complex system with multiple facets including the physical (such as the atmosphere, the oceans, the soil and the ice sheets), biological (e. g. biodiversity, aquaculture, carbon cycle) and the human side (e. g. urban climates, power systems and social media). It is also a system at risk. The planet’s capacity to support life as we know it is in danger. The stability of the systems supported by Planet Earth is threatened by rapid changes in the balance between climate and the Earth constituents: atmosphere, oceans, rivers, the chemistry of earth components and many others. Human activity has grown to the point that it influences directly the global climate. It now has a strong impact on the capacity of the planet to be self-sufficient and threatens the stability of the systems supported on it. The challenges that our planet and our civilisation are currently facing cannot be addressed only by separate scientific endeavours. Instead, our efforts must be multidisciplinary, and their common language is mathematics. The mathematical sciences play a leading role in the joint effort of researchers to understand and quantify the challenges we face, and look for solutions.
‘Mathematics of Planet Earth’ is an international exhibition displaying exhibits, videos and computer programs. Collectively these illustrate how mathematics plays a role in answering essential questions that concern our planet. In graphics visualisations and hands-on experiments you will discover the contributions that mathematics makes to topics such as astronomy, fluid dynamics, seismology, glaciology and cartography.



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