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1 Mar. 2018

Solve for x!

Sound + Mathematics + x = Music

For over 10 years IMAGINARY has employed interactive exhibits that bring mathematics communication to all corners of the world; such as “IMAGINARY- through the eyes of mathematics” and “Mathematics of Planet Earth”. Now we are broadening our range of topics and are calling for music specific exhibits.…Leer más
9 Feb. 2018

IMAGINARY is looking for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, open source exhibits. For over 10 years IMAGINARY has employed the latest available technologies to bring open, interactive exhibits for mathematics communication to all corners of the world. Now we are taking another step forward, and not just bringing mathematics to people, but immersing them in the universe of...Leer más

7 Feb. 2018

Today, February 7th 2018, is called e-day, because e is approximately 2.718, and this date is written 2/7/18 in some parts of the world. We prepared a toy-site listing the first 60.000 digits of e and help you find your birthday in it! We can even find your name within the digits of e, along with the complete works of William Shakespeare, the ending of Game of Thrones (spoiler alert), the full text of the Wikipedia from the year 2030 or what you’ll have tomorrow for breakfast…Leer más


24 Mayo. 2018 hasta 27 Mayo. 2018
Place Saint-Sulpice|Paris|75006|FR
4 Jun. 2018 hasta 30 Jun. 2018
Guo-Hua Junior High School|台灣宜蘭縣羅東鎮國華街101號|ILA|265|TW
7 Jun. 2018 hasta 9 Jun. 2018
Natural History Museum|Route de Malagnou 1|Genève|1208|CH

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