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25 Mayo. 2016

The deadline for our MathLapse competition will be extended to June 14, 2016!

A first MathLapse-Festival will be organized at the IMAGINARY conference (IC16), where the winners will be announced and their MathLapse movies will be screened. It is not necessary to participate at the IC16 conference. The MathLapse trailer was…Leer más

8 Mar. 2016

Today, The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Global Gathering 2016 starts in Dakar, Senegal. The three-day NEF Global Gathering will showcase often underreported scientific progress in Africa, holding up the NEF Fellows as examples of the exceptional scientific...Leer más

18 Feb. 2016

Today, the first mathematical shopping center opens in Heidelberg, Germany. The Mathematikon shops are integrated into the building complex called Mathematikon.

Together with mathematicians from 14 countries, IMAGINARY created the mathematical content and is also responsible for the exhibition design...Leer más


9 Ago. 2016 hasta 13 Ago. 2016
University of Jyväskylä|Seminaarinkatu 13|Jyväskylä|40014|FI
1 Sep. 2016 hasta 3 Sep. 2016
University of Leeds|Woodhouse Lane|Leeds|LS2 9JT|GB
23 Mar. 2017 hasta 24 Mar. 2017
University of Wuppertal|Gaußstraße 20|Wuppertal|42119|DE

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