Los programas son módulos de software que se pueden usar en escuelas, exposiciones, museos o en su hogar. Funcionan sobre hardware estándar y proveen opciones especiales para instalaciones públicas, como modo «kiosco», interfaz para pantalla táctil, o soporte para dispositivos especiales de hardware. Estos programas son los elementos principales de la plataforma, visualmente atractivos y altamente interactivos, permitiéndole explorar y crear matemática desde su computadora.

Snapshots are short texts on aspects of modern mathematics written by researchers visiting the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. With this Snapshot station, you can browse through all available snapshots by sliding horizontally and read the full snapshot by sliding vertically. Each...

Math to Touch is a collection of 16 small apps, each of them opening a little mathematical world to be explored.

Explore the science of cartography and the geometry of map projections.

MatchTheNet is a game about 3-dimensional polytopes for a single player. You will meet the five Platonic Solids and their best friends!

Inspired by the cover of the book Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter, this is an interactive game to exercise three-dimensional thinking in an interdisciplinary work with English, Spanish, French and Portuguese languages. The game runs on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Alpine glaciers have been shrinking for more than one century. This trend is expected to continue if the global warming progresses. Thanks to mathematical models, the future evolution of glaciers can be estimated.

Tsunamis are big oceanic waves that collide violently with the coast. Most often, tsunamis are created by earthquakes that produce a sudden change on the topography of the ocean seabed. This exhibit explains how tsunamis are modeled mathematically, and recreates simulations of historical...

A simple and elegant presentation of IMAGINARY films, for use in your exhibitions.

A simple and elegant presentation of IMAGINARY galleries, for use in your exhibitions.

Build a Formula Morph station and take the control on the instruments panel! Your mission: explore how algebraic surfaces change and merge as you tune the dials and adjust the levers.

Interactive viewer for constant mean curvature and constrained Willmore surfaces.

Circular shaped mirrors which are arranged in a grid-like manner reflect a light ray according to the reflection law of geometric optics. While random positions of the light source produce chaotic reflection patterns, it is possible to position the light source so that beautiful symmetric...

Este proyecto consta de cinco «experiencias» diferentes relacionadas con las Matemáticas del Planeta Tierra (MPE): Autómatas celulares, sistemas dinámicos, Wator, Temperatura y Cartografía.

Dune Ash es una simulación interactiva de la erupción de un volcán en Europa. Permite colocar un volcán, añadir un campo de viento y observar cómo se dispersa en el tiempo la nube de ceniza.

Experience this interactive program and fly through a quartz, fluorite, or diamond crystal. You can steer a miniature spaceship through the crystal structures using your finger on a touchscreen, also in 3D.

Con SURFER es posible experimentar la relación entre fórmula y forma, es decir matemáticas y arte, de una manera interactiva. Se pueden introducir ecuaciones simples que producen bonitas imágenes que son superficies en el espacio.