I AM A.I. at Berlin Science Week


I AM A.I. at Berlin Science Week
6 Nov. 2020 hasta 6 Nov. 2020

3 pm - 4:30 pm

IMAGINARY gGmbH|Mittenwalder Str. 48|Berlin|10961|DE

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I AM A. I. - a playful and interactive introduction to AI core technologies

As part of the Berlin Science Week 2020, we will conduct a public webinar with interactive applets to play and experiment along.

Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting technology of our time. But how exactly does it work? In which areas is it used? And what are its limitations?
In this interactive digital event, we will all play with interactive apps and games and jointly explore some of the core concepts of AI as gradient descent or neural networks.
I AM A. I. is an exhibition dedicated to explain methods and concepts of Artificial Intelligence to a general audience. Featuring interactive videos that guide the visitor through the exhibits as well as so-called trails with integrated apps and games that dive deep into the scientific concepts, I AM A. I. explores novel formats for science engagement. A graphic novel about the current state of AI and a do-it-yourself-tutorial on how to build an AI using only cups and paper complete the exhibition. It started on June 10 with a digital format and will launch 2021 as an open source traveling exhibition in Germany and then internationally.

Visitors are invited to “play and experiment along”, i. e. be prepared for a participative event!

Berlin Science Week is a 10-day international festival between 1 — 10 November bringing together the world’s most innovative scientific organisations to celebrate science, to connect and to engage the local and international science community with the public.


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