Permanent NIMS-IMAGINARY Exhibition


Permanent NIMS-IMAGINARY Exhibition
Desde 31 Ago. 2014

9 heure - 18 heures


CAMP (Center for Application of Mathematical Sciences)|70, Yuseong-daero 1689 beon-gil|Yuseong-gu|Daejeon|Daejeon|306-390|KR

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Hyungju Park
Wonju Jeon
Chulmin Kang

NIMS IMAGINARY Exhibition in South Korea!

Here’s a greeting from our chair Hyungju Park who was also a chair for ICM 2014. 

“It is so exciting to invite you to this NIMS IMAGINARY Exhibition!

21st century mathematics is not only at the frontier of human understanding of the universe, but also changing the landscape of technology leading to unforeseen industrial development. Mathematics popularization raises awareness of such expanding roles of mathematics in 21st century.

In this era of rapid scientific development and discoveries, it is becoming ever more important for scientific researchers to interact with the general public. IMAGINARY is one such attempt bridging mathematics and the public.

By joining the IMAGINARY team, you will touch and see mathematics!”

Hyungju Park


Continuing from the big success of NIMS-IMAGINARY exhibition in collaboration with MFO at ICM 2014, the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS) now provides a permanent exhibition at Daejeon, which is the first IMAGINARY branch in Korea. It features 6 touchscreen panels with a wide variety of mathematical programs together with gorgeous posters and sculptures. 

Guided tours are offered upon appoinment for a group or a single person for free. Entrance is also completely free!

Please feel free to contact our member through imaginary@nims. prior to visit. 


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