Bridges Short Film Festival 2017


Bridges Short Film Festival 2017
2017년 7월 30일 년월일 부터 2017년 7월 30일 년월일 까지

2:00-3:30 PM; 4:30-6:00 PM

Room: DC 1302

Davis Centre|University of Waterloo|200 University Avenue West|Waterloo|ON|CA



The festival is part of the Bridges Conference. It presents an annual reel of mathematical short films, videos and animations that have been created for educational, corporate and artistic purposes, or just for fun.

This year’s program was juried by:

  • Jos Leys, a dedicated math-artist, best known for his amazing computer graphics in the movies Dimensions and CHAOS,

  • Ana Cristina Oliveira, a mathematician and math communicator working at Atractor, a Portuguese non-profit Association, whose main purpose it is to attract the public to mathematics,

  • Chantal Landry, a mathematician working at the ZHAW University of applied sciences in Switzerland involved in several films and talks showing the beauty and usefulness of mathematics,

  • Aubin Arroyo, a mathematician working at the National Autonomous University of Mexico as well as the creator of several math-art videos, and

  • Bianca Violet, a mathematician and film editor working as a math communicator at IMAGINARY with a love for math-art. Bianca is also the chair of this year’s movie festival.

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