Science Week at Industrial University of Santander (Colombia)


Science Week at Industrial University of Santander (Colombia)
2018년 9월 17일 년월일 부터 2018년 9월 21일 년월일 까지
Universidad Industrial de Santander|Bucaramanga|SAN|CO


Within the framework of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Industrial University of Santander (Colombia), the Faculty of Sciences will hold the International Science Week from September 17 to 21, 2018.

The objective of the Week is to generate spaces for meeting, dissemination, participation and interaction with the scientific community, the productive sector, civil society and government entities of the department of Santander, in order to strengthen and demonstrate processes of generation and transfer of knowledge through dialogue and the exchange of scientific and educational experiences; as well as establishing networks of academic cooperation.

During the Week, the Faculty of Sciences of the Industrial University of Santander will hold 5 Symposiums with international and national guests in the following areas of knowledge: Teaching and Social Projection of Sciences, Adaptation to Climate Change and Water Security, Nanotechnology and New Materials, Agro-industry and Food Security, and Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing.

Simultaneously, a Science Festival will be open to the participants and the general public, with exhibitions on mathematical art, a presentation of researcher’s work in posters format, and an IMAGINARY exhibition.

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