Exposición Retratos de Matemáticas


Exposición Retratos de Matemáticas
2019년 11월 11일 년월일 부터 2019년 11월 20일 년월일 까지

10 - 19 hours

Centro de estudios Científicos|Colectivo de Mujeres Matemáticas de Chile|Libertad 49|Valdivia|LR|CL


Colectivo de Mujeres Matemáticas de Chile
Anillo Matemáticas y Género

Exposition about woman in mathematics, including an exposition of woman mathematician though the world, mathematical games, sculptures, printed images and 3D printings, all together with a round table about woman in science and a workshop for children.

A Woman colectivity named “Colectivo de Mujeres Matemáticas de Chile” (https://www.mujeres-matematicas.cl/) produced a picture exposition called “Retratos de Matemáticas”, which contains pictures of 23 womans mathematician from Europe and Latinamerica. This exposition has the goal of changing matematician stereotype, and to promote mathematics between joung women.

In ths ocation, the exposition will be acompained by an exposition of mathematical pictures and sculptures, some of them taken from the collection of the IMAGINARY platform. There will be also a collection of games and interactive demonstrations of mathematical concepts by the Dr Mónica del Pilar Canales Chacón, and also by a round table and ludic activity about Fibonacci numbers, directed to children.

The activity is founded by the research project “Anillo Matemáticas y Género”, and it will be held on the locations of the researchi center “Centro de Estudios Científicos” in the cyty of Valdivia, Chile.

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