IMAGINARY at Taksim Sanat


IMAGINARY at Taksim Sanat
2020년 3월 1일 년월일 부터 2020년 3월 14일 년월일 까지
Taksim Sanat|Taksim|Gümüşsuyu, Tak-ı Zafer Cd. 3 A (Taksim Metro İstasyonu girişi)|Beyoğlu|34|34437|TR



The “IMAGINARY Open Mathematics” project is implemented under the leadership of the Turkish Mathematical Society and with the scientific consultancy of the Istanbul Mathematical Sciences Center, in cooperation with the 2014 German - Turkish Science Year.

Are you ready for an extraordinary exhibition experience at Taksim Sanat in Istanbul?

The exhibition “IMAGINARY through the eyes of Mathematics” is completely reproduced in Istanbul. You will be able to experience SURFER, Cinderella and Morenaments, along with a mathematical image gallery and hands-on exhibits.

More info in Turkish here.

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