Matopía: permanent exhibition "Ciencia Remix"


Matopía: permanent exhibition "Ciencia Remix"
From 2014년 4월 8일 년월일

De lunes a viernes de 17 a 21 horas
Sábados de 10 a 14 horas.
Excepto festivos

Matopía|Avenida Autonomía 7|Avda. Ciudad de Soria, 8|Zaragoza|50003|ES

RSME starts collaborating with the permanent exhibition “Science Remix”

“Ciencia Remix” (Science Remix) is the name of a new exhibition that was opened last April 9th in the Center of Art and Technology (Centro de Arte y Tecnología – Etopía) in Zaragoza, Spain. In the official opening ceremony were, among others, Fernando Corbalán, the coordinator of the space Matopía, and Fermín Serrano, coordinator of “Ciencia Ciudadana” (citizens science).

The purpose of Ciencia Remix is the popularization of mathematical and scientific concepts with the aid of experiments, technology and game areas, in a pedagogical and participative way. The exhibition is permanent and consists of two spaces: Matopía and Ciencia Ciudadana. Matopía currently includes projects like “MarteMaticas”, concerning connections of mathematics with art, “Suertes” (chances), about randomness and uncertainty, and “Surfer”, the program of RSME-Imaginary experimenting with formulae, shapes, mathematics and art.

The design of “Ciencia Remix” has been developped by the group HMY Yudigar, the main sponsor of the exhibition, introducing some innovations with specific elements of leisure areas and public spaces, complemented with technological devices, with the purpose of creating a unique experience for all visitors.

Various guided visits and formative activities are planned, together with workshops for student groups. The guides and instructors, coming from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Zaragoza, collaborate with the project through an agreement between RSME and the University of Zaragoza, with the corresponding academical recognition for the students of Mathematics. 

Since this exhibition is permanent, it is absolutely necessary the periodic renewal of the contents, according to the spirit of the project, that is, divulgation, interaction and technology, and it will count on the permanent collaboration of RSME. This note also tries to encourage interested people or institutions to share works of mathematical divulgation where the technology plays an essential role. In that case, please contact the coordinator of RSME-IMAGINARY Julio Bernués,

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