SURFER competition Slovenia


SURFER competition Slovenia
2015년 10월 22일 년월일 부터 2016년 6월 30일 년월일 까지
online SURFER competition|Ljubljana|1000|SI




Take part in the new SURFER competition!

The new online SURFER competition is organized by the Slovenian organization Mathema.
The winner will be announced at the ESMA conference in September 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Please respect the following rules:
Only upload pictures created with the SURFER program. The title can be chosen freely. Please paste the equation that creates the picture into the formula field. Leave a valid e-mail address to be contacted in case your picture is among the winners.

There are different categories to upload your submission:
Gallery 1 - Slovenian elemetary school children
Gallery 2 - Slovenian High School students
Gallery 3 - Slovenian university students
Gallery 4 - other

Here are some useful translations you might need during the upload process:
Upload picture - Dodajanje slike
Your name - Vaše ime
Titile of picture - Ime slike
Picture - Slika

Have fun and enjoy “Surfing”!

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