Physical Exhibits / Hands On

Hands-on exhibits are sculptures, puzzles, games, paper craft, interactive physical exhibits, etc. – all exhibits that are mainly physical. Here you will find technical drawings and requirements for building them.

3D printed chords of three notes.

Sit down on the bench with a friend. Touch the armrests while you hold hands and you will hear a twinkling melody.

Create your own instrument with the synthesizer by using the keyboard. Use the four knobs on the synthesizer to select different instruments and get started!

A very small LED casts a shadow of a 3D printed globe onto a wall, illustrating stereographic projection. The globe can be freely rotated by a visitor, to see the changes...

In this hands-on set, MO-Labs presents its 3d print wireframe versions of some of the most classical symmetric solids for non-commercial use: platonic solids, archimedean...

This 3D print shows the Lawson surface which is the only known example of a minimal surface of genus 2, i. e., with 2 holes, in the 3-dimensional sphere.