The highlights of the IMAGINARY discovery box

× a live-DVD with the best software from both exhibits „IMAGINARY – through the eyes of Mathematics“ and “Mathematics of Planet Earth”, as well as the Cinderella software from the Installation from the Deutsche Museum. 

x The software programmes are: SURFER, Morenaments, Cinderella, 3D-XplorMath, Sphere of the Earth, Dune Ash, The Future of Glaciers, Bottles and Oceanography. All programmes can be started from the live-DVD!

× A book by late Russian Mathematician W. I. Arnold „Problems for Children of 5 to 15”.  

× four mathematical sculptures (3D prints) by Oliver Labs, amongst them the Barth-Sextic and the Dini-Surface, in cooperation with

× the two award winning  movies »Dimensions« and »Chaos« on a DVD.

× free as long as in stock: IMAGINARY-catalog and an IMAGINARY-Poster set with 12 A2 posters of algebraic surfaces. 

× Craft sheets, 3D-glasses and more!