The Garden of Polyhedra- Elevations and Stellations 【多面體花園】動手做


The Garden of Polyhedra- Elevations and Stellations 【多面體花園】動手做
Dec. 19, 2015 to Dec. 19, 2015

1:30PM- 2:50PM

National Science and Technology Museum|No. 720, Jiouru 1st Road|Kao- Hsiung|700|TW

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Rinus Roelofs
Helen Yu 余筱嵐
Andan Chen 陳宏賓

Grow Your Garden of Polyhedra!

“In mathematics the field of Polyhedra deserves a special attention. It is nice to build real physical models from which you can learn a lot about the beauty of symmetry and structure. Once you have the first models of the Platonic solids you get inspired and you can come up with ideas about variations on these models.”- Rinus Roelofs

In the book “Divina Proportione” by Luca Pacioli and Leonardo da Vinci you will find drawings of the basic polyhedra and also an interesting variation, called elevation. 

Paper models can be made quite easily. For the models described here we only need triangular faces that we may find in the handouts. 

This workshop is taking place at the Imaginary exhibition in Kaohsiung. There is also a diaplay on the creations of Rinus Roelofs, the renowned Dutch sulptor. It shows Riuns’ exhibits for the first time in the Imaginary exhibition. 

「數學上,多面體的領域值得投以特別的關注。建構出實體的模型可以讓我們領略對稱性與結構性之美。一旦我們第一次做出一組柏拉圖立體後,我們不僅得到知識性的啟發,更從中得以發想出這些模型上各種變化的新構想。」— 荷蘭籍雕塑藝術家Rinus Roelofs

李奧納多‧達文西〈Leonardo da Vinci〉及盧卡‧帕西奧立〈Luca Pacioli〉在《神聖比例》〈Divine Proportione,1509〉一書中有許多多面體的圖畫,以及其有趣的變化「立面化」。



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