The Mathematics behind the various pieces of content can be discovered playfully and interactively – it is yours to conjecture and construct new experiences. The modules are designed to prompt you to stretch your mathematical thinking and invite further exploration beyond the content of the discovery box.  

Such an investigative approach, be it with teachers, with a mathematician, or alone with the help of books, articles or even a white sheet of paper is an integral part of what it means to think mathematically. As such, the discovery box is designed particularly to appeal teachers and students, or the general public with an interest in Mathematics. 

The IMAGINARY project is funded by Klaus Tschira Stiftung, the 3D prints are from trinckle.com in Berlin. All digital contents can be downloaded for free via www. imaginary.org/entdeckerbox

Please note: The IMAGINARY-Entdeckerbox is so far only available in German language. Big parts of the contents have been translated to English, and others to Spanish. Please let us know if you are interested in helping us to prepare a a fully translated discovery box in your language.