Yoshimoto Shorts


Yoshimoto Shorts


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Produced by Paul Salomon and Justin Lanier in Brooklyn, NY with music by Jon Brion. cc 2013

“Yoshimoto Shorts” is a pair of stop-motion animations made to show off the wonderful properties of the Yoshimoto cube.

In the first film, “Yoshimoto Friends,” a pair of seemingly distinct objects — a cube and a star — meet and begin to interact. Through their dance, we see the magic of the Yoshimoto cube and learn that these shapes are not so different after all!

After making the first movie, our cubes fell quickly apart, as the taped hinges wore and tore. To fix this problem, Paul designed a one-sheet paper model for a Yoshimoto cube with built-in paper hinges. “Yoshimoto Bug,” our second short, features this design as it comes to life and folds itself.

More information about the Yoshimot cube can be found here and here.


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