Here you can find films and their background to be watched online and used for public screenings at exhibitions or in museums.

If you are interested in MathLapse videos, click here.

During 2015, 2016 and 2017, the IMAGINARY Uruguayan team carried out a series of big IMAGINARY exhibitions all around the country. The tour...

The story of how Mercator’s world map of 1569 had important consequences for mathematics.

Maths Week at work is a series of brief videos, aimed at showing to our teenagers the beauty and applicability of Mathematics, as well as the range of careers this discipline can open up.

An animated 3d fractal music video

A pentagonal geodesic animation based on the golden mean

This video was part of the exhibition “Geometry and Imagination: Patterns in Nature and Culture” presented during ICM 2018.

World Women in Mathematics : successes and barriers for women in mathematics from an international perspective, told in the words of the women themselves.

J. S. Bach probably is one of the composers with most affinity to mathematics. He developed the art of fugue in a programmatic way in his work “The Art of Fugue”. So he...

“Stringing” a 3-dimensional integer lattice of “beads” with a Hamiltonian path (one that crosses every vertex but only once) as a visual showcase of 1-1 correspondence with the integers.


Imaginary exhibition in VR.

4D-knots: what are they? Can we visualize them?
Are there interesting math problems about them?

Fractal Fugues are self-similar structures made from a simple motif which generates copies of itself. These copies are transformed in the dimensions of time and pitch.

The territory, its limits and frontiers; the right for space - matematicaS project

Orientation regarding time used in different cultures and over history - matematicaS project

Space, time and human communication - matematicaS project

Through works by renowned architects such as Antoni Gaudí, Felix Candela and Oscar Niemeyer, this film intends to show the natural way in which the formulas, the geometry of forms and their...

This film illustrates how the great majority of seashells existing in nature can be generated by a fixed set of equations by simply varying some parameters. This gives one more example of how the...

 ”A trip in Italy” is a short video created by the students for the other students, for the purpose to arouse on environmental issues like: global...

This module intends to promote the subject matter on ordinary differential equations at the beginning of the study of a corresponding chapter in a Calculus course.

The film is about discretization of patterns, colours and shapes. The animation illustrates that a 2D periodic pattern can be mapped seemless to a torus. Riemann surfaces are more suitable to...

The Costa Surface is a minimal surface discovered by brazilian researcher Celso Costa in 1982 and visualized by Hoffman and Meeks in the same decade.



This video depicts the definition of Manifold in dimensions 2 and 3.

This video in a loop shows how to construct manifolds by gluing the borders of polygons or polyhedrons.

The film is in a loop and depicts the concept of Dimension. Three objects are presented: the cube, the simplex and the cube. These are shown in dimensions 0, 1, 2, 3.

About 2400 years ago in Greece,
Plato perceived his vision of the Ideal World
in ELEUSIS under the influence of halucinogenic
substances such as ergot...

A dynamic presentation of the seven frieze groups

Archimedes’ derivation of the surface area of a sphere.

The Mathematics of Numerolaria

Snow crystals have many beautiful symmetries.

some central facts about Mandelbox Fractals.

A MathLapse by Ulrike Bath and Kevin Guo about the Helicoid - a minimal surface. Minimal surfaces are soap film surfaces spanned in wire frames. The presented helicoid is amongst the oldest of...

MathLapse Festival 2016 Winner. Experiencing the Inscribed Angle Theorem.

Are the sum of odd numbers greater than the sum of even numbers?

The wind forces the water into circular motion, yet it generates waves.

We define a Wunderlich cube to be a cube whose surfaces contain raised impressions of the reflections of seed shapes resembling the letter S. The video shows how this cube can be rolled leaving a...

Taking pictures of spacetime - what could go wrong?

Three mirrors, a floor and light….nothing else

The Monge’s Circle Theorem as a silhouette of a higher dimension

Take a symmetric object and apply symmetric operations….

Just 30 pipe cleaners can be assembled to form a Kepler Point star

This is a short introduction into the wonderful world of graph theory. Hopefully this video will help you learn, or serve as a refresher for, some basics concepts in graph theory. Enjoy!

Mathlapse Competition 2016. Imaginary Conference Berlin 22/07/2016.
The video was selected for screening at the award ceremony.
In it we wander around the world using fractal geometry...

Standing wave theory and Morphodynamic archetypes Sphere-vortex connection

The tripartite communion between the sphere, spiral and language involves a conceptual leap clarifying the...

The video shows a polygonal line consisting of 24 segments constructed by turtle geometry (Refs.: “Turtle Geometry” by Harold Abelson and Andrea diSessa, The MIT Press,...

The video shows the construction of an algebraic curve by a mechanical linkage.

The video shows the construction of an algebraic curve by a mechanical linkage.

In this wordless animation we demonstrate the mathematics of binary place-value, and leave the viewer with a puzzle.

In 2d we can spin a ray about a point. If the ray contains a 1d profile, spinning gives a 2d object.
In 3d we can spin a half plane about a line. If we the half plane contains a 2d profile,...

Thus, the universe is reduced to expressing order through sphere, genuine brick of the open, immeasurable, infinite, construct, which inhabits the geometry of spheres with morphodynamic, disk or...

MathLapse Festival 2016 Winner. Parallel planes, which touch a surface of constant width from opposite sides, have always the same distance - a generalized diameter. The movie starts with curves...

There are two purposes in this animation
1. Use complex logarithm to see the relation between stereographic projection and Mercator map
2. By rotating small region to the poles we can...

Watch how the numbers 0, 1, 2, …, 21 leave behind residues (mod 22) when raised to the powers of 0, 1, 2, …, 21.

MathLapse Festival 2016 Winner. A Wild Knot is a circular curve in the three-dimensional space which is infinitely knotted. In this video we show a recipe to build some kind of Wild Knots, using...

MathLapse Festival 2016 Winner. A MathLapse video on modelling an egg with equation and touch upon a little about conic sections.

Bridge between the creative and abstract part of the brain. 

Everything in life depends in the point of view.

Take thin 38 wooden sticks, 57 tiny rubber bands and build a hyperboloid

Platonic solids can be created by reflections. See how!

Most people know the Leonardo Bridge.

Only few people know that you can complete the structure to a full circle.

This circle forms a kind of tensegrity structure and has amazing...

Ursyn - Frozen Fractals
Changes reflecting states of matter and resulting landscapes are depicted as related to math.

Trailer for the first MathLapse Festival, held at the IC16 Conference in Berlin.

Lindermayer system is a parallel rewriting system and a type of formal grammar. It consists of an alphabet of symbols that can be used to make strings, a collection of production rules that expand...

This MathLapse illustrates a process for constructing a stamp for imprinting a rosette which has (only) rotation symmetry.

This MathLapse illustrates a process for constructing a stamp for imprinting a frieze which has (only) translation symmetry.

MathLapse Festival 2016 Winner. This MathLapse illustrates a process for drawing the three conics (ellipse, parabola and hyperbola) by pin-and-string constructions.

In the art form of SUZHI KOLAM/ KAMBI KOLAM, dots called pulli are arranged in rhombic,...

A wonderful way to describe natural shapes using the language of mathematics is provided by self-similar patterns. The idea is to repeat the same base module on different scales and positions,...

The video shows the construction of a hypotrochoid.

The video shows the construction of a hypotrochoid.

The video is a composition in black and white, playing a creative game with the limited pixel resolution of electronic displays.

Constructing iteratively square roots of integers with right angle triangles, a spiral is obtained which is named after ...

Constructing iteratively square roots of integers with right angle triangles, a spiral is obtained which is named after Theodorus of Cyrene (5th century BC).

The number line is winded up to an Archimedean spiral, which is known as Sacks number spiral, …

Fractal animation showing variants of the Mandelbox fractal

Kolam skills are considered as mark of grace, dexterity, discipline and concentration. Also, Kolam expresses mathematical ideas.

Preservation of the traditional art “Kolam” by...

The clips of the last year cast in a music video with the so far unreleasd soundtrack “unwahr” by DJ Taucher and Ayla

Teaser for a joint exhibition in Mainz, Germany from April 18 to April 25, 2015

Assume a porous solid contains a network of small channels, which are all open or closed with a certain probability. Depending on this probability, will a fluid be able to flow through the solid...

Growth of a Galton-Watson tree.

Ehrenfest’s model.

This music video is a pure fractal animation made for Flinch, who is an electronic musician from North America. It is made in one of the well-known and still-under-evolution fractal programs...

Through computer animations and fly-throughs, The Shape of Space explores the possible shapes of our universe. It suggests the possibility of a finite but boundless shape for our space. Using...

With computer technology we can visualize mathematics idea and this will explode people’s imagination.

My latest movie project, made for the annual fractal art contest 2014 on fractalforums. com. Voting is over and it really made the first place! So sit back and...

Random processes and visual perception.
After Dr. E Porteus demonstration: “The shortest route problem in optimisation models” - Fondations of stochastic inventory theory - Stanford...

award winning seamless five minute flight through a transmorphing Amazing Box Julia.

Experiments on minimal surfaces in two and three dimensions

Pseudo-kleinian fractal animation made with Mandelbulb3D. Thanks to Jesse for the awesome program and Kali and Dark-beam for the formulas ideas and scripts.

“Yoshimoto Shorts” is a pair of stop-motion animations made to show off the wonderful properties of the Yoshimoto cube.

The Art Gallery problem is a classic problem in Computational Geometry: Given an art gallery (a polygon), how many stationary guards do you need to guard it? We show practical applications of this...

In this video we show how to enumerate polyominoes on twisted cylinders, and explain how to use them for setting lower bounds on the asymptotic growth rate of polyominoes in the plane.

3D fractal trip made with Mandelbulb3D

3D fractal trip made with Mandelbulb3D

3D fractal trip made with Mandelbulb3D

How can a robot swarm explore an unknown area and understand its layout? In this video, a swarm of R-one mobile robots is used for such a task. They are not trying to build an accurate floor plan...